A group of termites crawling on top of each other on a pile of dirt.

The 3 Types of Termites You Should Know About

Termite infestation is a huge problem across the country and that can affect your house’s structure and can also reduce the value of your home overall. Termites are known as the “silent killer” because they can eat any cellulose-based plant materials at an extremely fast pace, and can destroy any sort of wood without you even knowing that they are there. Having knowledge of the types of termites and what to do if you believe you have them can save your money, and more importantly, save your home.

There are 3 types of termites, namely:

· Dampwood termite – these are larger termites and live in decaying, damp wood.

· Drywood termite – these are the ones that usually infest furniture and walls, as they tend to live in the wood that they are consuming.

· Subterranean termite – these types form in the soil and create elaborate tunnels underground that lead them to food sources above ground. The Formosan termite is a common type of subterranean termite.

The main things that you should look out for when checking for termites include bubbling and chipping paint on wooden surfaces, flying insects swarming around your windows or doors, tiny holes in wooden furniture or surfaces around your home, mud tubes or tunnels, and fine sawdust-like powder.

What Do You Do If You Find You Have Termites?

Well, this is a huge job that is best left to the professionals, like the experts at Bugmobiles. They have the best equipment and knowledge when it comes to getting rid of termites for good, and they can provide appropriate treatment based on the type of termites being dealt with. The treatments include using termiticides that are liquid based, such as Premise 75 or Termidor SC, borate, baiting, wall void foaming, tent fumigation, and specific drywood treatment.

Termites are annoying and dangerous to you and your family as they could eat your steps, your deck, or your chair. Eliminating them is not a simple DIY job. A professional, like those at Bugmobiles, can help you in an easy, safe, and effective way. Call today for a quote and ensure that your home is termite free!