Dealing With Roaches?

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How To Get Rid of Roaches

In South Texas, we typically have two types of roaches to deal with, the American Roach and the German Roach.  These roaches have no preference for the cleanness of the building they inhabit.  American roaches tend to live outside in the flowerbeds and under leaves and will typically move in during changes in temperature and rainfall.  They are easily controlled with a barrier treatment of the perimeter of the home or office.

German roaches are harder to control and tend to be brought indoors in cardboard boxes from the grocery store or other locations.  Once inside the home, an adult female roach can produce over 300 babies from 1 egg capsule.  They tend to reside in any tight spaces such as kitchen cabinets hinges, under tables, and near any warm appliance such as a refrigerator, freezer, microwave, or toaster.  They are hard to control due to how fast a colony can grow.  The best solutions are bait and other professionally placed chemicals.


How To Prevent Roaches

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The best way to prevent roaches is to reduce clutter in the home and a routine pest control service.  Breakdown all unnecessary cardboard boxes and empty trash cans daily.  If you begin to see roaches, treat an infestation quickly, before it gets out of hand. Contact Bugmobiles for more information!

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