8 Ways to Keep Your Spring Mosquito Free

Mosquito Free

Spring is almost here, and that means fun times outside with family and friends. Backyard barbecues, boating, and other outdoor activities are a great way to spend an evening or a weekend, and the best way to keep the good times rolling is to keep mosquitoes away. There are a lot of simple steps you can take to ensure a mosquito free and pleasant spring.

Don’t Forget the Bug Spray

Everyone wants to enjoy the warmer weather, but all of those exposed arms and legs need protecting. A quality bug spray can help ward off the mosquitoes, but be sure to use as directed. If you know you’re going to be outside, take it with you. The best way to never forget the bug spray is to keep some in your car, backpack, or bag. You’ll be glad you have it and so will your unprepared friends.

Don’t Forget Your Four Legged Friends

Dogs spend more time outside when the weather warms up. Mosquitoes can spread heart worms, so if your cats or dogs spend a lot of time outdoors, it is worth a trip to the vet to get a prescription for preventative heart worm medication. They’re part of the family, too.

Head Inside for Sunrise and Sunset

Mosquitoes are most active at dusk and dawn. Planning dinner around sunset is a great excuse to retreat indoors or at least onto a screened-in porch or deck. Taking time to eat your dinner indoors will prevent the mosquitoes from getting theirs outdoors.

Check Your Screens

Weather and animals can take their toll on screens. Mosquitoes are crafty and can find a way in through gaps and tears. Double check all the screens on your house and repair or replace any damaged areas.

Grab a Fan

Mosquitoes aren’t the strongest flyers, and a stiff breeze can keep them grounded. On still days bring a fan out onto the porch or patio. A high-powered utility fan can produce enough air movement to keep a substantial area mosquito free.

Avoid Standing Water

From low-lying areas in the yard to disused flower pots, if it can hold water, it can help breed mosquitoes. Do a quick survey around your property to make sure water isn’t pooling anywhere after heavy rains. If you find a problem, take measures to correct it. Improving drainage and adding fill dirt can help with uneven yards.

Wear Pants and Long Sleeves

No one wants to cover up when it is warm, but if it cools off enough in the evenings, long pants and long sleeves can help to keep mosquitoes at bay. If you are looking for something cooler to wear, go to your nearest sporting goods store. They should offer an array of lightweight, breathable outdoor gear that’s both cool and comfortable. Hiking pants aren’t just for hiking.

Call a Professional For Mosquito Free Solutions!

Sometimes you need help and it is always best to call in the professionals. Professional pest controllers have the tools and know-how to help with your mosquitos. From yard fogging services to automatic misting systems, experts such as the team at Bugmobiles can make your yard a mosquito free zone.