Getting Rid of Ants in Your Home

Where there’s one ant, there’s more. When there’s more, now that’s quite a chore! Ants are quiet and constant pests, often ignored until it’s almost too late. When you spot one inside your home, it’s time to start inspecting for infestations and leave it to us for their termination. Let’s get rid of ants together with these tips and if you find you just can’t, we’re only a call away. 

A group of ants standing around a white object.

Cutting Off Access to Food Sources

Also much like people, ants are very much attracted to sweet and the starchiest of foods. Sugar, oatmeal, honey and cornmeal should be kept in airtight containers. Crumbs can accumulate heavily in areas like standing appliances within your kitchen, garbage pails, your couch cushions and any other areas of the home your family or guests may eat. Cleaning of these areas often is necessary to deter an infestation of ants. If you’re worried about leaving out pet food for your animal to graze, spray a water-vinegar mixture around their bowls for extra precaution.

Don’t Step on Ants, Bait Them Instead

Determining the best ant bait can be tricky but there are tricks to use. The ants you see scouring around your home are forager ants, scouting around for food to take back to their colony. Ants preferred tastes change throughout the year, so try setting out honey, fried food, or peanut butter and see which food they’re attracted to. Once you see which foods the colony prefers, set out toxic ant bait that is geared towards their preferences and look for words on the packaging like, “sweet and grease eating ants.”

Destroy Exterior Nests

If there are always ants in the same areas along the siding of your home, chances are there’s probably an ant nest within your home already. Inspect these areas closely for access holes that ants may be crawling in or out of. Once you find the nest or the vicinity of the nest, spray with insecticide! If this doesn’t solve your problems, Bugmobiles are the experts in ant termination.

Spray Ant Entry Points

If you’ve successfully rid your home of these pests, it’s vital to ensure they don’t re-enter. Seal or caulk all holes and spray insecticide around doors and windows! You only need enough insecticide to wet the surface of the areas you are treating and then spray again every Spring. This practice will only keep ants out of your home, NOT kill the ones already inside your home.

Spraying an Ant Barrier

Ant barriers are great at preventing ants from entering your home. If you’re considering using this, you will need to find an outdoor insecticide which states it’s a “barrier treatment” on the label and spray a 12-inch wide band on the foundation of your siding.

For exceptional professional help in ridding your home of ants, call Bugmobiles at 361-575-6401 for a consultation today!