A group of termites crawling on top of each other on a pile of dirt.

Protect Your Home Against Termite Invasion

Although each species of termite eats a distinct type of food and thrives in distinct climates, all termites needs four things to survive. These are food, moisture, shelter and optimal temperatures. These conditions are present in any building, regardless of the construction type. Older homes, however, face an increase in termite threats because wood rot is common in such homes. They consume wood since it contains cellulose. Here is the process for guarding your home against termite invasion:


1. Identify and ensure that you fix water leaks both external and internal in your own home. They require water to survive. In the case that a water source is coming from your own home, then that is the best for the colony to survive. If you eliminate the source of water, it simply means that you have removed a requirement for them to survive.
2. Remove heavy growth or any brush from around your own home. For sure, vegetation creates areas of extreme moisture which is a requirement for their survival.
3. Eliminate any pooling or standing water from around your home.
4. Store the excess firewood and building materials away from your house. Since wood is their main source of food, any scrap wood touching the ground is as good as inviting the hungry termites.
5. Remove any old stumps, roots, and dead trees in your yard. This is because they will decay and attract termites by providing a source of food.
6. Never bury wood scraps or waste lumber in your yard. This will also attract termites.
7. Seal any holes or cracks within your home foundation. This will guard your home against wandering termite invasion.
8. Ensure that your home is ventilated properly including your internal crawl and attic space areas. Enough airflow will prevent the buildup of moisture which is required by the termite colonies.

In conclusion, these are some of the ways that you can use to guard your home against termite invasion.