wo rats looking out of a wooden house in a cage with a squirrel eating a stick in the background.

Getting Rid of Rodents Humanely & Effectively

Being a gracious and courteous person is something to be proud of, but not everyone or just anything should be allowed in your home. If you have a big heart, it can be challenging to put your foot down. It’s no question removing rodents from your home is of the utmost priority, but doing so humanely is also an important consideration. Look no further as we have some sound solutions that your heart will be able to handle.

Removing Their Access to Food

Rodents are attracted to food. If they don’t have to work hard to find it, that’s all the better. Mice and rats can and will set up shop in any space they are able to find food or pieces of it. Make sure your opened bags or products are stored in sealed containers and that you leave no crumbs out or behind!

Finding and Ridding Your Home of Nesting Materials

Mice often make their homes near their offspring, much like humans do. These animals are attracted to and prefer cotton, shredded paper, but can also make their home in insulation too! These nests are quite noticeable so it’s important to complete a thorough sweep of your home and in areas you may have food stored like cabinets or your pantry.To help prevent a rodent infestation, it is best to seal any opening around structures that are bigger than ¼ inch with either foam or hardware cloth. Do not overlook door sweeps, open garage doors, electrical and plumbing penetrations.  Once the rodents have established a “home” inside of your home they are very tough to get rid of.

Get a Cat

Chances are if you’re an animal lover, you may either already have a cat or are considering the thought. Cats are the most effective mouse deterrent. If you live somewhere you’re unable to house an animal, you can either place a tub of cat litter outside the entrances to your home or purchase pure ammonia and leave ammonia-soaked cotton balls where you’ve seen mice. Mice when they smell cat urine, often stray from the smell and ammonia mimics the smell of the animal urine.

Natural Mice Repellent

Mice have a strong sense of smell so you have options when it comes to natural repellant options. 

1. Essential oils

Mice stray away from peppermint oil, pepper, cayenne, cloves, toothpaste, bleach, and vinegar. Try soaking or saturating cotton balls with these items/scents and leave them near areas you’ve seen them and deter them.

2. Apple cider and water

Mix together equal parts of apple cider vinegar and water and spray around the outskirts of your home. This is a great deterrent for those who are in a rush. Spray monthly for accurate and consistent results.

3. Fabric softener sheets

Mmm, fresh linen. The smell of fabric sheets will not only freshen your home, but stuffing them into any entry points you believe mice may be entering your home through will stop mice traffic instantly!

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